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Pastor’s Biography – Jasmin Koso

11219331_10153317153686484_8107798451389255614_nJasmin Koso was born in 1973 in Zagreb.

Most of his younger years he spent outside of the faith and true hope. Repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, Redeemer and Savior have caused a significant change of his life direction, values and goals.

Theologian (MDiv) – he graduated at “Matija Vlačić Ilirik”- Theological Faculty in Zagreb, Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek and “Mihael Starin” – Reformed Episcopal Theological Seminary in Osijek. He studies continuously…

Presbyter – he was ordained as a deacon in 2011, and as presbyter in 2012 (both by the hands of Rt. Rev. Royal U. Grote).

A family man – husband and father.

Author – of catechetical manuals, scripts and web articles. Along with church duties he is working in civilian profession.

Theological views:

Reformed Catholic – he adhere to the classical Protestant, Reformed and Anglican Tradition.

He insists on the Catholic essence and Reformed character of the Christian faith; as well as on a balance between the importance of personal faith (individual) and the true understanding of the significance of the Church (collective, sacramental).

In pastoral work, he respects the importance of God’s unchanging moral Law. Even more, he emphasizes the importance of treatment in accordance with God’s love and grace, the circumstances of our time, the principles of kindliness, freedom and human well being.

He is open to ecumenism and tends to the unity of Christians.

Social views:

Christian Socialist – he strive to affirm and follow Jesus’ social teaching; charity, solidarity, equality, workers’ rights etc. He has a cosmopolitan inclinations.

Based on the principles of Scripture, he has progressive-conservative moral attitudes, with respect for fundamental and traditional values.

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