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We are the Protestant, Reformed and Episcopal (Anglican) Church

Church of Christ the Redeemer is a compound and coexistence of authentic local Protestant Reformed tradition (that in this region continuously exists since the 16th century), and the Episcopal (Anglican) piety, liturgy and ecclesiastical structure.Therefore, we can say that Christ the Redeemer Church is Protestant in tradition, Reformed in doctrine, Anglican (Episcopal) in liturgy and ecclesiality, and evangelical in its mission.

The Protestant Reformed Church Zagreb accept the fundamental historic Creeds of the Church: The Apostles Creed, The Nicene Creed, The Athanasian Creed and The Chalcedonian Creed. Also, as the Church of the Reformation, which follows the Reformed tradition of John Calvin, we accept confessions of faith expressed in The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion and The Heidelberg Catechism.

We are a body of reformed evangelical churches that confess the five statements of reformed doctrine – Scripture alone, Christ alone, Grace alone, Faith alone and Glory to God alone. We believe that the Bible is Inspired and infallible Word of God and our ultimate authority in faith and practice.

We are Parish of the Protestant Reformed Christian Church in Croatia. Liturgically and ecclesial we belong  within Anglican (Episcopal) churches. We are a Reformed Church with the episcopal order in a Jurisdiction of The Reformed Episcopal Church.

Short history

Reformed churches in Croatia have existed since 16th century. First synod was held in Tordinci as early as 1551 and another in 1576 in Knezevi Vinogradi. Ever since 16th century reformed churches have existed and been active in various ecclesiastical and juridical settings.

The Protestant Reformed Church Zagreb has been active since beginning of 2008,  and 29. march held the first worship ceremony. The church parish  was founded with the support and initiative of the Protestant Reformed Church Tordinci which, within various ecclesiastical and juridical settings, continuously operating since the Reformation in the 16th century.

From 2011 The Protestant Reformed Christian Church in Croatia is in full communion with The Reformed Episcopal Church and The Anglican Church in North America.

We are a member of The World Reformed Fellowship.

On 4 December 2012. Protestant Reformed Parish of Zagreb, according to the choice of the parishioners and by approval of elected bishop, added the name of Christ the Redeemer.

Mission opportunity

We’re always looking for people to prayerfully consider joining us in building God’s Kingdom in Croatia, both long-term and short-term.

People interested should have a desire to serve and work with national leadership and be able to integrate themselves in a different culture and learn language.

We need teachers of English
Outreach organizer
Those interested to do publishing of literature
Mercy ministry
All ministry gifts are welcome!
If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us: info@rechurchzg.org



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