Protestant Reformed Christian Church
in Croatia and Serbia

A Jurisdiction of the Reformed Episcopal Church

The Consecration of a Bishop

The first several months of 2013 have been devoted to preparations for the consecration of Jasmin Milić as bishop. A lot of hard work was invested in preparations for the consecration to ensure that everything went smoothly. The consecration was held on May 3 in our oldest church (first mention of the church dates back to 1551). Bishop Royal U. Grote led the consecration, with assistance from Bishop Gerhard Meyer from Germany and Bishop Paul Hunt from England (Free Church of England). Many distinguished guests and members of other Christian denominations were present at the consecration as well as representatives of the government. It was also covered by national and local TV stations.


On the very morning of the consecration, Bishop Jasmin Milić successfully defended his PhD dissertation at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek. Bishop Milić finished his PhD studies in 2005, at the Theological Seminary in Novi Sad, Serbia, but the seminary has not yet been accredited, so the title was not recognized in Croatia. Therefore, the Bishop worked on a new dissertation with the fully-accredited and recognized Evangelical Theological Seminary in Croatia. The theme of the dissertation is 16th Century Reformation with the focus on the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later.


Photographs of the consecration are available at the following link: Consecration Photos. A video of the report on the consecration from national TV is available at the following link: Consecration Video.

Renovation of the Church in Osijek


Our church building in Osijek is the home to the Church of the Good Shepherd. It is also the Bishop’s Office, the headquarters of our denomination, our theological institute and publishing unit. The building also includes guest rooms for our guests and for missionaries. The building serves several purposes, so it is important to renovate it properly over the next couple of years. It is located in the historical part of Osijek, and is surrounded by schools and colleges, making it the perfect location for mission work with the young.

At the moment we are working on renovating the façade. We have managed to gather most of the financial resources needed through generous donations, but we are still short of the entire sum necessary to finish the renovation of the façade. We would be very grateful for all and any donations towards the renovation work on our building in Osijek. You can find more information about this project at this link.


Visit of the Rev. Damien Grout

Grout+On the occasion of the consecration of Bishop Milić, we were honored with a visit from the Rev. Damien Grout, Rector of Holy Cross parish in Alpine, TX, who served us by preaching at our churches in Tordinci and Osijek. Rev. Grout and Bishop Milić also talked about plans to bring a mission team next year, 2014, to help with evangelism and with financial help with the renovation of the church building in Osijek.

Growth of the Church in Zagreb

Our mission church in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is growing in numbers. The church in Zagreb was blessed with the baptism of a little boy, David, whose parents have been members of the church for a year. You can see photos for this blessed occasion at this link. We have had to rent a new, larger space for our church gatherings, since the old one was too small to hold all the people that regularly come to the church services. This new larger space will serve as a place for Sunday service and as a church office.

Zagreb baptism

Evangelism Amongst the Romany People

In the little town of Kapelna a few years ago, we started a mission church. Many Romany people there are very open and receptive to the Word of God. They are mostly very poor and many are illiterate, but their hearts are open to God.


At the moment, our church there is homeless; we are without a place to hold church services, so we hold them in in a private home. We are working toward gathering the financial resources to rent a place for regular church services. Lay reader Alen Ranković is serving at the mission church. We are hoping to connect with mission organizations that do evangelism work among the Romany people, that could help us with advice and their experiences in working with these dear and open people. Besides evangelism work among them we would also like to work on educating them, teaching them to read and write.